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VISION Goalkeeper Academy

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About the Goalkeeper Academy:


The Vision Goalkeeper Academy training curriculum provides an environment for the goalkeepers of the club to grow and develop in to a special type of athlete.  An athlete that holds themselves and their teammates to a high standard of training, pushing towards an elite level of competition.  A leader that gives 100% every time they show up to play and pushes their teammates to do the same.  This is accomplished by our 3-tiered training group system.

  • Young Keepers:  U9 – U12
  • Group 2:  U13 – U18
  • Group 1:  U13 – U18


Young Keepers

The focus of the young keepers group is to establish a love of the position for young athletes.  This is an environment to help build confidence in these players while beginning to train in a disciplined and focused manner to help improves skills and knowledge of the game.  In this group players are still spending time playing on the field, we are looking to identify players that enjoy the position and possess the athletic ability to continue position specific training and compete as an elite goalkeeper at an older age, these players will progress on to Group 2.

Training Focus
Physically improve:

  • agility and coordination
  • hand-eye coordination
  • balance

Goalkeeper technique:

  • set stance
  • scoop save for low shots
  • basket catch for mid range shots
  • high contour catch
  • gathering high balls
  • introduction to proper, safe diving technique
  • distribution (throwing/bowling)


Group 2

All new older keepers to the academy begin in Group 2 for a skills assessment.  More advanced goalkeeper techniques are introduced to athletes coming from the young keepers group, as well as tactical issues of the game are now covered in training.  Group 2 is for older goalkeepers that possess the knowledge of proper, basic goalkeeping technique but need further training repetition to perform proper technique consistently, in high intensity scenarios. 

Training Focus
Physically improve:

  • speed
  • quickness of first step
  • body mechanics to optimize body movement 

Goalkeeper technique:

  • forward smother
  • basket catch/high contour
  • gathering high balls
  • tipping/boxing
  • low collapse dives
  • mid range dives
  • distribution (throwing/bowling/punting/back passes)

Tactical topics:

  • positioning for crosses
  • decision making to tip, box or catch
  • 1v1 breakaway technique
  • positioning in goal when facing shots from angles and shots from distance
  • footwork variations to use in a variety of scenarios, to move as efficiently as possible to make a save

Group 1

When goalkeepers are able to consistently perform the techniques covered in Group 2 with confidence and at a high training intensity they progress on to Group 1.  Group 1 is for goalkeepers with aspirations of competing at an elite level.  This could be their varsity high school team, playing collegiately after club or going on to play at a semi-pro or professional level.  This group continues to train the topics covered in group 2 but in less controlled environments.  The training curriculum includes more game like scenarios to help quickness of reflexes and decision making. 

Training Focus
Physically improve:

  • hand strength
  • core strength
  • shoulder strength and stability
  • power of first step to dive and jump
  • agility and quickness

Goalkeeper technique:

  • body shape for clean, consistent catching
  • making1st and 2nd saves from close range shots
  • smothering close range shots
  • footwork and body positioning on breakaways
  • smothering technique for 50/50 breakaways
  • extension dives
  • various forms of distribution

Tactical topics:

  • handling the 3-goal scenario
  • maneuvering a crowded goal box to gather a cross
  • reading the 3 breakaway scenarios and proper decision making for each
  • reflex training for crowded goal box scenarios 
  • reading a driven vs. lofted service for corner kicks and free kicks 
  • decision making to catch or parry when diving 
If you are interested in joining the Goalkeeper Academy, please contact DOC: [email protected]
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