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About the Striker Academy: 

Mission: The Striker Academy program will prepare players to learn new skills through finishing exercises and repitition so they feel confident attacking the goal in game situations. As athletes progress through our 3-tiered training program they will develop the skills to become a well-rounded attacking player.

  • Young Strikers: u9 - u12
  • Group 2: u13 - u18
  • Group 1: u13 - u18 (State Premier/NPL level)

Young Strikers 
The Young Strikers group will familiarize themselves with basic shooting skills in order to feel confident in front of goal.

Physically Improve:
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Gross Motor Skills

Technical Focus:
  • Shooting technique
  • Introduce shooting with dominate and non-dominate foot
  • Actions to beat a defender 1v1 (scissors, step-over, inside/outside, rollover, etc.)
  • Understanding of shooting for power with laces vs. Shooting for placement with inside of the foot
  • Finishing off of crosses (2 touch and 1 touch)

Tactical Focus:
  • 1v1 attacking 

Group 2
Group 2 strikers will improve consistency in finishing and be introduced to more advanced finishing on goal. 

Technical Focus:
  • 1 touch finish from crosses and combination play with a teammate
  • Finishing with the head
  • Finishing from a full volley
  • Mastering shooting with dominate and non-dominate foot
  • Mastery of shooting for power with laces vs. Shooting for placement with inside of the foot
  • Understanding of back to goal scenarios of how to create space for a shot 

Tactical Focus:
  • 1v1 attacking
  • 2v1 attacking

Group 1
Group 1 strikers will work towards mastering all components and variations of finishing on goal, as well as the timing of runs for crossing scenarios.  This group will take all technical proficiencies and apply them in a tactical analysis of the attacking third of the field.  

Technical Focus:
  • Finishing with the head
  • Finishing from a half-volley and full volley
  • Advanced shooting techniques (chipped shots, bent inside of the foot, bent outside of the foot)
  • Free kick specialist techniques

Tactical Focus:
  • Passing patterns to goal
  • 3v2 attacking
  • 4v3 attacking
  • Run timing and options in crossing scenarios (near post, far post, direct runs, dummy runs)
  • How to handle 1v1 scenarios with the goalkeeper
  • Small sided games allowing players to apply technical and tactical concepts covered in training, in a live game environment
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